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Hot Tub

We have one tub for up to five people to share, filled with around 107cm of water and kept to a temperature of  between 33°c and 35°c. Average sized people when seated in these tubs are immersed to their neck in swirling therapeutic water. This is a great way to immediately warm the entire muscular structure of your body and start relaxing.

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The hot tub is great for muscle pain, back ache, and a general warming of your body in a way your bath could never achieve. Leave your towel on the rails provided; take a seat in the swirling waters and relax. Don’t over do it, listen to your body, when you have had enough get out slowly and cool your core body temperature down remember to regularly rehydrate.

Hygiene is paramount to us so the water within our hot tub is chlorinated as needed and we have an extensive cleaning and testing regime that occurs throughout the  day to ensure the quality of our water.

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