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Steam Room

It holds 9 people and is set at a temperature of 43°c.  As you enter the steam room you will see a cold shower built into the wall, you can cool and refresh yourself from the warmth and humidity of the steam room extending the amount of time you can enjoy this facility.

Elite Retreat 035

It has been observed that wet heat is found to promote easier sweating and therefore is ideal for deep pore cleansing. Your skin will radiate a new glow of healthiness if you steam and then exfoliate. We have constructed the steam room to our own design so the walls and seating hold the temperature of the room enhancing your experience. The steam room is fully tiled and built with a rake to the seats so they do not pool with water, in fact they do the opposite and continually self clean with the condensed steam.

The steam room at Elite Retreat is cleaned thoroughly morning, night and throughout the day.  You will find us checking it maintaining the cleanliness and regularly spritzing with essential oils.

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